Brian (lunarobverse) wrote,


Republican co-worker in conversation with like-minded libertarian co-worker on Monday:
"Palin? McCain? Of course they're lying. What does lying get them? More money in the bank and a boost in the polls! It's OK! There's a war on, and whatever it takes to win..."
Republican co-worker in conversation with friendly but opposing Democratic co-worker on Wednesday, in reference to Joe Biden's gun control position:
"He's been in the fight but he's never told the truth. We don't like liars." which point I busted up laughing and practically shouted at him, "You don't like liars?"

He replied back, "Show me a documented instance of--"

I cut him off. "How about McCain and Palin?"

"Uh, uh, well, no, I'm talking about--"

"Whatever," I said. "I need coffee." And I walked away.

Felt good to catch him in a direct contradiction. That might've made my entire week.
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