Brian (lunarobverse) wrote,

Tattoos and hair

I've been thinking of getting a tattoo, but I've got some questions about getting, and maintaining, one.

Y'see, I'm male, and I come from hirsute stock. I'm covered in hair.

Is it worth it to get a tattoo if it's just going to be hidden by a layer of body hair?

Would the hair present a problem in even getting the ink done in the first place? How about healing afterward?

Should I actually get a tattoo, am I just condemning myself to shaving and/or waxing the body part in question? And I mean shoulder, arm or lower leg, not anything else, ya perverts.

Any advice is appreciated, but particularly from actual tattoo artists is highly prized. And if you want to mock me for being a throwback, gorilla or caveman, or other insults and taunts, g'head, because creative insults like that just are too few and far between these days.
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